8 Proven Ways To Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage

Pregnancy is a period of massive change in a woman's life. It involves not only enduring of physical changes but also some social changes which always happens for a period of nine months. Due to this, avoiding of pregnancy after marriage has brought many young couples into potential conflict due to some huge responsibilities such as financial or emotional issues that is attached to pregnancy. It may also be due to stress which the women undergo. Due to this, it is advisable to plan on how to avoid pregnancy after marriage by having deep understanding of what works best in turn of comfort and effectiveness which will determine the types of method to be used by the users. Different forms of natural and modern methods are available to avoid pregnancy after marriage while still maintains active healthy sex. Below are some tips to follow to avoid pregnancy after marriage.


How to Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage?

1. Use Of Condom

Proper using of protective such as condom is the most effective method to prevent avoids pregnancy after marriage. This is because condoms are generally made of latex and can only be used once. Some condoms contain spermicidal chemicals which can kill the sperm whenever it makes contact with it. Condom works by forming a mechanical barrier and thus directly prevents vaginal contact with the penis. For reliable safety, checking of expiry date, appropriate usage and proper storage of condom should be observed. Although, it is not 100 percent secure, still they guarantee what they are intended for.

2. Use Of Diaphragm

A diaphragm is only advisable to be used based on a doctor or nurse prescription. The pessary is rubber capped with a flexible edge that covers the cervix. Combination of the diaphragm and spermicidal paste or gel must always be used together for effective use. The diaphragm must firstly be inserted six hours before sexual intercourse and must last for at least six hours after the last sexual intercourse, but should not be longer than 24 hours in total.

3. Use Of Sterilization Method

Sterilization of the woman and man is a surgical procedure that is almost always performed under complete anesthesia. Sterilization of the man is also known as vasectomy which is a surgical removal of all or part of the vas deferens through the surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Minor complications such as bleeding or inflammation may occur after this procedure although, cases are very low if properly handled.

4. Use Of Subcutaneous Implant

The subcutaneous implant is in the form of a stick and consists mainly of etonogestrel and a progestin which is identical to those found in some pills. It is placed under the skin of the arm by a gynecologist carrying out a local anesthesia. This regularly releases a hormone generating the blockage of ovulation and the thickening of a substance preventing the passage of spermatozoa into the vagina. If removed from the patients a few days or a few months as requested by the patient, the implant remains effective for three years without any drug intake. Unless you follow the advice of the gynecologist, this implant may have some disadvantages.

5. Withdrawal Method

This involves the tactical removal of the penis from the vagina when sperm is about to be released or before ejaculation. It is also known as coitus interruptus and users should be very careful to prevent any slight contact of the male ejaculates into the female vagina as this may mistakenly lead to pregnancy. Also, some sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis etc may not be prevented by using these methods if there is a contact with of the male ejaculates into the female vagina.

6. Using Of Combine Pills

The combined pill also known as oral contraception involves swallowing of tablet consisting of 2 hormones which are progesterone and estrogen to prevent ovulation. The passage of the spermatozoa is prevented by the inner lining of the uterus which becomes thinner and the thicken substance secreted by the cervix. The pill combination should be taken without forgotten and on a regular basis for best functioning. This usually contains 21 tablets that must be taken for three weeks, on daily basis at the same time, before stopping for complete seven days. Some pills contain 24 or 28 tablets, which must be taken without interruption. In this case, the pills should be swallowed in the order of the wafer because not all tablets are used in the same way. All pills are issued based on medical prescription to avoid side effects. However, if there is a need to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), protective should be used with the pills whenever the partners are about to have sexual intercourse.

7. Study Of Self Body

Study of the women body temperature also helps to prevent pregnancy at home because before the release of eggs in the woman body, the body temperature falls slightly and rises immediately after the eggs have been released. Sex should be avoided during this period because when the sperm cells make direct contact with the eggs, fertilization will occur which will, in turn, leads to the production of the zygote and eventually, pregnancy will follow.

8. Abstaining From Sex

Abstinence is the best method to prevent pregnancy after marriage. Though may prove difficult especially if one or both partners are sexually active. But proper explanation may convince one of the partners if the non-sexually active partner knows how to present it.

In conclusion, following the above methods is effective and advisable to prevent pregnancy after marriage because it has been proven that approximately 85% of sexually active women who do not use this methods become pregnant within one year, even while breastfeeding or during menstruation. Although the best method to prevent pregnancy after marriage is abstinence, still some people fails to follow it especially the sexually active once and therefore in this case, combination of two or more methods can leads to outright success for the users as side effect may be skipped if followed properly.


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