How To Prevent Pregnancy At Home Like An Expert

Being a woman of reproductive age does not necessitate having a baby. Having a baby should be an agreement between a woman and her partner because both may not be financially, physically, and emotionally ready to take the responsibility of the baby. A higher percentage of women who engaged in sexual activities without protective is prompt to be impregnated by their partners than those that use protective’s.
However, understanding of bodies nature which could be either (intrinsic or extrinsic methods), and certain herbs and plants are not confined to cooking or beautify purposes only but have also been proven successful since time immemorial as a way to prevent home pregnancy. Though, using birth control method also works but there is no 100 percent guarantee that they won’t fail and they also poses some future side effects such as reduction of pregnancy chances, causing of complete impotency etc, unlike home pregnancy preventive methods which are safe and poses no side effects. Below are some recommendable tips that are used to prevent pregnancy at home.

Prevent Pregnancy At Home: Intrinsic Methods (Own Calendar Method)

Study of the last menstrual cycle is useful to prevent pregnancy at home. This is because its understanding depicts when women are fertile by subtracting 8 days from the shortest period cycle and by the subtraction of 11 days from the longer period cycle to know the Last fertile day. However, if the proper understanding of the calendar method is unknown, the probability of getting pregnant is high because you may have more fertile day unknown.

Prevent Pregnancy At Home: Extrinsic Method (Body Temperature)

Understanding the women body temperature also helps to prevent pregnancy at home because before the release of eggs in the woman body, the body temperature falls slightly between the temperature of 1-2 0c within 12-20 hours which could be detected using a sensitive thermometer and rises quickly immediately after the eggs has been released. Other symptoms include experiencing abdominal discomfort. During this period, sex should be avoided because if the sperm cells make contact with the eggs, fertilization will occur which will in turn leads to pregnancy. Therefore before going to bed with your partner, this should be notified to avoid being pregnant.

Prevent Pregnancy At Home: HERBS AND PLANTS


This is also known as Anzee. It is the most popular and best method to prevent pregnancy at home. Taking dried fig after an intercourse will help to prevent pregnancy at home if it is consumed 2 - 3 times every day. It also helps in blood circulation and should not be consumed more than the recommended because overdose of it will have adverse effects on the stomach.


This is also known as Choraa. Consumption of Angelica within 15 days of sexual intercourse has been proven useful, successful, and effective in preventing pregnancy at home. The principle behind this is that it has the ability to cause uterine contractions which may then prevent the sperm from getting to the right destination for fertilization to take place.


Consumption of papaya fruits is not restricted to malaria, cancer and diabetic treatments but is also effective in preventing home pregnancy as well. This can work out perfectly by consuming papaya just immediately after having direct sexual intercourse with your partner for 2-3 days. However, the consumption should be stop once the pregnancy test is positive which may arise as a result of miscalculation in the consumption of papaya fruits to avoid abortion.


The root of the cotton plant and blue cohosh stimulate the release of oxytocin (an hormone which is responsible for childbirth) and is effective in preventing pregnancy.
Dried root of cotton when cut into pieces, can be added to a cup of tea or hot water and consumed around 2 times a day while bits of dried blue cohosh can be consumed in form of tea for 2-3 times daily or as prescribed by a medical practitioner.


Proper using of spearmint has been proven effective to prevent pregnancies from time immemorial. A small dosage of dried spearmint could be added to tea, to dilute its concentrated side effect such as potent poison if taken in the wrong dosage.


Drinking of dried apricot for some few days after having sexual intercourse does not only prevent pregnancy but also cures excessive bleeding during periods. The mixture is prepared by adding 100g of dried apricot to 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 glasses of water. This mixture is then boiled for 30 minutes to concentrate it by reducing it’s volume to one-fourth of the original mixture.


Neem works by decreasing the sperm motility and thus prevents fertilization or may even have cidal effects on the sperm. Neem exists in 3 forms which are Neem oil, Neem leaf and Neem table all which have been proven successful. Neem oil works by killing the sperms within 30 seconds when injected at the point of articulation between the uterus and Fallopian tubes. Neem tablets are also available for men and it works by promoting temporary sterility, for women apart from preventing them from home pregnancy, Neem also protects women from vaginal diseases and some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) as well.


This contains natural components such as gallic acid, rutin and quercetin which help to prevent pregnancy and also helps to get period on time. They also promote regular menstrual cycle and is useful if young period come late.


Taking of rue herbs for 15 days of active sex also prevent home pregnancy because it contains two major components which are philocarpine and rutin. These two components may induce early abortion if traced. Also, rue has no side effects and are available in tea form.

Since most young couples face the dilemma of how to prevent pregnancy at home while still enjoying an active sex life, following home pregnancy prevention methods should therefore be strictly adhered to and using of the above mentioned tips are necessary for the prevention of pregnancy until the sexual partners are ready for it.


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